My New Travel Partner

Baby Alexandra Rose

Baby Alexandra Rose

On January 27th, 2015 my new travel partner was born.  Alexandra Rose came into this world in the dead of winter in  Wisconsin.  It has certainly been a whirlwind two and half months since she was born.  She went from basically feeding and sleeping all day and night to now being alert and smiling and developing a personality.  It has been a fun to see this transition in such a short amount of time.  Being new parents has been an adjustment on our end.  We plan our outings around her schedule.  A big outing at this juncture might be a lunch or early dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings or Red Robin.  However, even with a new baby, we are determined to continue traveling.  Prior to deciding to start a family, my wife and I made a pact that we would continue to be adventurous, travel, and see the world.  As soon as we received Alexandra’s birth certificate, we applied for her passport and received it a few weeks later.  Our first trip with Alexandra will be to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana in May.  My wife and I will now be that couple that brings a baby on the plane so I apologize in advance!


  1. Rita Peters says:

    What a fantastic tribute to your parents, I volunteer with your dad and he shares your adventures with me.

  2. Hi Rita, thank you for visiting my website!

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